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Project Description
WPF based reader for FB2 electronic book format.

Netbooks and tablets are finally making reading books on a PC a real alternative to paper books and e-ink based devices, and WPF's FlowDocumentReader is an "ideal choice" for a PC e-book reader. You will be able to change the font size and the layout of the book with great flexibility, and the typography is excellent.

If you have some books in FB2( format, and would like to read them comfortably, you will enjoy this program.

If you're just interested in running the program, use the ClickOnce installer.

Current state of the program
Basic functionality done, now to the bells and whistles.
Migrated to .NET 4 Client Profile and VS2010RC.
Deployed to ClickOnce.

Next steps
Complete testing with a comprehensive library of FB2 books.
Icon, splash screen, custom chrome, UI improvements.

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